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Why Should I Pressure Wash My Home?

House washing

Most homeowners aren't aware that the exterior of their residence is constantly being exposed to harsh elements daily. Weather, animals and just plain wear and tear can degrade and discolor your home. This can cause property to lose tremendous value and curb appeal can greatly diminish.

Some of the harshest elements that your home can be exposed to are wind, rain, sun, and mold. Other factors that can make your home look worn and dingy are insects, bird droppings, and even tree sap. If a home's exterior isn't washed regularly, all of these elements will accumulate—making it tougher to clean. If you haven't had the exterior surfaces of your residence cleaned for a while and you aren't sure if a pressure wash is the right next step to take, below are a few reasons to consider.

1. Value

Pressure washing is a very affordable way to maintain or increase the value of your property. Realtors suggest when selling a home that the property's value will increase if it's pressure-washed prior to a sell. Pressure washing, like gutter cleaning, can make your home look like new while keeping it safe from hazardous pollutants. Pressure washing is very popular for being a non-expensive way to make your home look renovated.

2. Curb Appeal

The curb appeal of your home can instantly increase with a pressure washing session. When mold and mildew have been removed and dirt is eradicated, your residence will look extremely attractive again. Curb appeal is very important in maintaining the value of other components around your home, like a deck or your lawn. It's also key if you're planning to sell your house soon.

3. Insect Removal

One factor that homeowners don't consider when neglecting their exterior property are insects. Cobwebs and spiders are especially prominent around windows, under eaves and in the corners of a home. With pressure washing, insects, including spiders, will be disposed of, making your home safer for family and visitors.

4. Pride

There's nothing like coming home to a house that is clean and well-maintained, or receiving a compliment on the cleanliness of your residence. Sitting outside in your yard and looking at a fresh exterior can increase your mood and also make you and anyone that visits your property feel great.

5. Investment

It will take more money to clean your home if you allow it to go years without a pressure wash. You'll find that you can save cash in the long run due to your home requiring little to no repairs because of regular maintenance. Pressure washing regularly will keep your home, which is commonly a person's largest investment, well-kept.

No matter the reason you choose to clean your home—whether it be to sell, have more pride in your residence, or to protect your family's health—pressure washing is one of the best ways to accomplish the task. The advantages of pressure washing your home significantly outweigh the costs. Pressure washing is one of the greatest investments you can make towards your home and will make such a difference in the way your exterior property looks. It'll be like viewing a brand-new home!

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