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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions - Answered By Ziegler Window Cleaning


How Often Should I Have My Concrete Surfaces Pressure Washed?

Concrete surfaces should be pressure washed at least once or twice a year depending on the level of uncleanliness and the amount of wear and tear it receives. Call us today for a free concrete cleaning estimate for your home or commercial property.

Do You Work With Commercial Clients?

Yes. We offer a variety of cleaning options for commercial properties, including window cleaning, building washing, storefront cleaning and parking lot cleaning.

What's The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is a solid investment for homeowners that not only have pressure washing expertise, but understand the potential dangers associated with pressure washing. A pressure washer can damage property and cause injuries if it isn't properly handled. When you hire us for window cleaning or commercial pressure washing you are employing a knowledgeable team who will safely clean your home or business without causing any structural harm.

Do You Use Any Harsh Chemicals In Your Cleaning Processes?

No. The chemicals used during our pressure washing process are environmentally friendly and safe. Reach out for any additional questions regarding the type of cleaning products we use.

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