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Window cleaning & pressure washing professional serving evansville and the surrounding towns

Ziegler Window Cleaning is the best choice for all your residential and commercial window cleaning needs in Evansville! We offer professional pressure washing services that will ensure your windows are clean, dirt free and enhance the beauty of your home.

Windows are an important feature on your property and are often the first thing visitors notice. Thorough cleaning ensures every part of your windows are sparkling and streak-free. For every window design, we're ready with the right tools and cleaning solutions to do the job flawlessly.

Let us restore your windows to their original shine with our window cleaning service. The methods we use will get rid of insects, contaminants like mold and mildew, and other problems that can make your windows look unattractive.

At Ziegler Window Cleaning, we take the time to clean all windows manually using professional tools so that the window panes are clear and undamaged. No part of the window is left untreated; window screens, frames and window sills are carefully washed. You can count on our professionalism for your private window cleaning—everyone on our team is reliable, responsible, friendly and will take the best care of your windows.

Call us so we can provide window cleaning services for your Evansville home or business! We also offer other pressure washing solutions that are important for the general appearance of your property. Reach out to schedule an appointment today for your free estimate!

Window Cleaning

Cleaner Windows Help Your Business

Although we often think of cleaning the windows of our homes inside and out, we often overlook the importance of having clean windows at our place of business. Reaching commercial windows can be very difficult depending on the size of your building or the size of the windows themselves. This leads to neglect and a lack of care.

Dirty windows can make a business unattractive to potential customers and this can impact sales! Customers often rate professionalism based on the cleanliness of a building, and it’s important to make sure the first impression they get when they walk to your front door is a good one. Dirty windows can represent neglected and disinterested owners and employees, which can leave your customers wondering if your services embody the same type of neglect. Clean windows can make your business location much more appealing, attractive and could even boost sales.

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Concrete Cleaning


  •   Driveways
  •   Pavers
  •   Patios
  •   Decks
  •   Parking Lots
  •   Sidewalks
  •   Parking Garages
  •   Garage Floors

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Who We Work With

Who do we provide exterior cleaning for

  • Homeowners
  • Property Managers
  • HOA's
  • Store Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Commercial & Industrial Sites
  • Contractors
  • Restaurants

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Why Hire

Why Hire Ziegler Window Cleaning

We understand that your home and business reflect the things that matter most to you, and we take a professional cleaning approach when cleaning your windows so they won’t negatively impact the appearance of your property. The team at Ziegler Window Cleaning will help create a cleaner environment for your loved ones or customers while saving you money.

Regular maintained windows will allow your property to stay in top condition, saving you financial expenses resulting from future repairs caused by neglect. If you want to work with a friendly, customer focused window cleaning company, give us a call today.

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